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Eddy vom Hammerbachtal

We are extremely fortunate to have recently purchased one of the all time greats from Germany. We bought Eddy from our old friend Walter Sontag, who bred and trained him as well. Eddy is a very large (68 cm) dog, with powerful bone, beautiful color, black mouth pigmentation, and incredible movement and correctness of body. Of course, the accomplishment that Eddy is most famous for is winning the Klubsieger title in Germany, which is well known around the globe as the largest and most prestigious rottweiler specialty show in the world. Eddy also went BOB (Best Of Breed) at that show. However, what really separates Eddy from most other Klubsiegers in the past is his incredible working ability, which he has proven with his impressive scores below. And if high scores are not enough, Eddy went Landessieger (a working title) at the LGA in 2003. That same year, he also placed 11th at the Deutsche Meisterschaft, where only the best working dogs with qualifying scores meet in Germany to find out who is the top schutzhund rottweiler in the world.

And now to the most important part of what makes Eddy an outstanding dog, which is whether or not he can pass on the superior genes that enabled him to accomplish what he has in the show ring and on the working field. Again, Eddy is quite unique in this area as well. He has a rare combination of quality bloodlines, that is free of Rick and Noris. This makes him a very compatible partner for females from those popular bloodlines, as well as a top linebreeding choice for females from the Orso, Jero, Ingo, Falko, and Danjo lines. These names are very well known to breeders that know what the top working and show bloodlines are. One dog in particular that we are excited about is Ingo vom Fusse der Eifel (Eddy's grandfather), who was a full brother to the best producing stud dog that we ever owned. Ingo comes from the most famous and highly titled litter of all time, and from a kennel that has produced more Klubsiegers than any other kennel to date. Eddy is in phenotype very typical of the Fusse der Eifel bloodline, which is well known for superior structure, pronounced angulation, stunning color, and also loads of energy and prey drive.

Eddy comes from an older bloodline that is now quite unique in Germany. It is widely believed that many of the really strong and hard working dogs are now a thing of the past. While we agree that finding dogs that are the same caliber as the great schutzhund dogs of old is extremely difficult these days, we feel very fortunate to have found one bloodline that is rich in powerful temperament, while still being strong nerved and 100% clear in the head. Eddy is well known in Germany for being amazingly strong in temperament and at the same time completely trustworthy around children and friendly/neutral adults. Despite his very large size, he hits like a train no matter where you take him or who the helper is. He also is known to produce this very strong and balanced temperament in his progeny, which is quite predictable if you are familiar with Eddy's bloodline. It is no fluke that Eddy works the way that he does, and you can see that by studying his pedigree. Both of Eddy's parents and all four of his grandparents are all SchH 3, and five out of six are Gekort for life. For those that were fortunate enough to see Eddy perform at either of his korungs, he received a standing ovation after both protection routines. And while it is true that Eddy was trained by a very skilled and competent trainer, it is his bloodine that is responsible for the drives that he possesses. Clear evidence to this is that Eddy's 3/4 brother (same sire, out of Eddy's grandmother) Cliff vom Hammerbachtal also received a standing ovation at both of his korungs, even though he was raised and trained by someone completely different than Eddy's previous owner. Bottom line, Eddy's powerful and stable temperament is a very rich and rare trait which has been almost bred out of the rottweiler breed today. This makes him a very valuable choice as a breeding partner for bitches needing more temperament, or to those few that are strong themselves and whose breeders are looking to produce top competition working dogs. And of course, Eddy is quite capable of producing his extraordinary beauty, structure, and health, as evidenced by the fact that all of Eddy's parents and grandparents were V-rated in conformation, and five out of six were HD- (one is +/-).